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【Detergent for Feeding Bottle & Vegetable】Ingredients, cautions and how to use

Please tell me about ingredients,cautions and how to use on Detergent for Feeding Bottle & Vegetable
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Ingredient name Function name 成分名 機能名称
Alkyl ether sulfate ester sodium Surfactant アルキルエーテル硫酸エステルナトリウム 界面活性剤
Fatty acid alkanolamide Surfactant 脂肪酸アルカノールアミド 界面活性剤
Propylene glycol Low temperature stabilizer プロピレングリコール 低温安定剤
Limonene  ※2 Solvent / flavoring agent リモネン 溶剤・着香剤
Citric acid PH regulator クエン酸 pH調整剤
Sodium citrate PH regulator クエン酸ナトリウム
Xanthan gum Thickener キサンダンガム 増粘剤
Sodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate Metal blockade agent エチレンジアミン四酢酸ナトリウム 金属封鎖剤
Sodium benzoate Preservative 安息香酸ナトリウム 防腐剤
Paraben Preservative パラペン 防腐剤
※ Phosphorus, coloring agent, are not blended.
※2 Limonene is a fragrance, but because it is a natural ingredient derived from orange, it is regarded as a fragrance free.
●Amount of use
For 1 L of water, 1.2 ml (1 teaspoon for cooking is 5 ml)
●How to use
・When washing vegetables and fruits, don't leave on for more than 5minutes.
・In the case of running water, please rinse vegetables and fruits for over 30 seconds, dishes and utensils for 5 seconds or more.
・When you fill the pail with water and rinse, change water and rinse more than 2times.
・Don’t put this detergent where children can reach.
・Please be careful not to accidentally drink detergent. There is a possibility of addiction.
・If abnormal rough skin occurs during use of detergent, please stop using immediately and consult a doctor.
・Please don't mix with other detergents. It will cause unexpected accidents.
・Please wash hands well with water after use,we recommend care with cream.
・People who are prone to rough skin,when using for a long time, when using undiluted solution in sponge, please use cooking gloves.
・Since it may change in quality when placing diluted liquid for a long time, please dilute it every use and use it.
●Emergency measures
・If the child swallows the detergent, don’t forcibly vomit, rinse mouth with water, let water drink.
・If detergent comes into children's eyes, rinse well with water immediately without rubbing.
・In either case, consult a doctor immediately after emergency mesasures