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【Detergent for Diaper & Underwear (Liquid)】Ingredients,cautions and how to use

Please tell me about ingredients,cautions and how to use on Detergent for Diaper & Underwear (Liquid).
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Ingredient name Function name
Water Base
Alkyl ether sulfate ester sodium Surfactant
Polyoxyalkylene alkyl ether Surfactant
Glycerin Low temperature stabilizer
Limonene ※2 Solvent / flavoring agent
Sodium sulfate Surfactant adjuvant
Sodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate Metal blocking agent
Potassium carbonate Alkaline agent
Isothiazolone chloride · isothiazolone solution Preservative
※ Bleaching agents, fluorescent agents, phosphorus, enzymes, coloring agents, perfumes are not blended.
※2 Limonene is a fragrance, but because it is a natural ingredient derived from orange, it is regarded as a fragrance free.
●How to use
  Amaunt of laundry Approximete amount of water Amout of use
Washing machine 1.6kg~2.0kg 30L 40 ml (to the top line of the cap)
Wash after soaking
Hand wash
Bucket of ordinary size 60% 5L 6ml
Please wash accoding to the indiction of clothing.
Please don't use for clothing with the indication below
Clothes with indication of use of neutral detergent
Clothes with dry cleaning indication or indication of water wash disabled
●Usage Considerations
・Don't put the detergent in the reach of children.
・Don't use for any purpose other than.
・For clothes that are worried about discoloration, put a thick detergent liquid on an inconspicuous part and place it for about 5 minutes, and don't wash if there is discoloration.
・In the case of hand washing, please don't use a metal bucket. The washing effect may decrease.
・Please do soak for 2 hours as a guide.
・When the water temperature is low, dirt may not fall easily.
・Please be careful not to accidentally drink detergent. There is a possibility of addiction.
・If abnormal rough skin occurs during use of detergent, please stop using immediately and consult a doctor.
・Please don't mix with other detergents. It will cause unexpected accidents.
・Please wash hands well with water after use,we recommend care with cream.
●Emergency measures
・If the child swallows the detergent, don’t forcibly vomit, rinse mouth with water, let water drink.
・If detergent comes into children's eyes, rinse well with water immediately without rubbing.
・In either case, consult a doctor immediately after emergency mesasures.